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Decades later, Lodi native receives Army medals

A few years after he fought in World War II, including the renowned Battle of the Bulge, Gerald White contacted the Army about medals he believed he had earned.

“The Army looked at my paperwork and said there was insufficient information,” White recalled. “I looked into it again about two years later, and they said again my paperwork was insufficient. I finally said, ‘Oh, the hell with it.’ “

White, who grew up in Lodi and worked as a civilian munitions inspector at the Seneca Army Depot, left Seneca County and later worked in similar positions around the country and overseas. He eventually retired in Alabama and later moved to South Carolina — where, at the age of 93, he is still an active member of American Legion Post 193 in Chapin, near the capital of Columbia.

Although he still hoped to get the medals, White hadn’t pressed the matter for decades. However, he mentioned the subject a year or so ago to a post member who was a lieutenant colonel in the Army.

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