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Lawmaker wants to ban some plastics from hotel bathrooms

There’s a new push to ban those tiny plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner and bath gel in hotel rooms across New York state as a way to reduce plastic waste.

State Sen. Todd Kaminsky announced a legislative proposal Wednesday that would prohibit hotels from offering single-use plastic toiletry bottles in guest rooms. Instead, they could use wall-mounted dispensers, larger, multiuse bottles or materials other than plastic to package single-use bottles.

Kaminsky, D-Long Island, cited estimates that hotels in New York City alone dispose of an estimated 27 million plastic toiletry bottles annually.

“Little everyday actions, like eliminating small plastic bottles, will have a positive impact on our environment,” Kaminsky said in a statement announcing the bill. “By barring hotels from giving single-use plastic toiletries to customers, we are safeguarding our environment, and mitigating plastic waste and waterway pollution.”

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