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Law enforcement officials fear impact of bail reform on opioid crisis

Many law enforcement officials are concerned about the bail reform laws that are set to take effect in January, especially its impact on battling the opioid crisis.

Under new state law, bail would be eliminated for misdemeanors and non-violent felonies across New York state.

While advocates say the law is intended to make things fairer for those in poverty and reduce jail populations, Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter is afraid of the consequences.

“Some people need to be in jail,” Baxter said. “Some people are such a danger to society or a danger to themselves, and bail reform is taking all that authority away from judges.”

Baxter said when it comes to the opioid crisis, the county has put a lot of work into Operation Hope. It’s a program that encourages low-level drug offenders to get help or face jail time.

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