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Brutus crash incident calls attention to road safety for locals

Investigators are still working to determine the cause of the August 23rd car crash in the town of Brutus that resulted in two fatalities. This incident occurred on Route 31, and while this route is no more difficult to navigate than any other high traffic area, road safety often gets lost among the monotony of day to day driving, especially for those on long or frequent commutes. Though law enforcement is still trying to understand why/how the driver’s vehicle crossed into the Westbound lane, there has been an increased focus on road safety for the surrounding areas in NY.

Operating A Safe Vehicle

Ensuring road safety to the best of your ability starts with the vehicle you’re driving. New York State vehicle safety inspection program does evaluate every vehicle registered, but this isn’t enough. Cars have wear and tear, as well as malfunctions, so it’s important to stay on top of general maintenance. Additionally, research the manufacturer and body style, especially prior to purchasing a vehicle. Doing so allows you to do more than find a fair price, but it also means you can verify you’re getting a safe model that’s suitable for you and your needs.

Defensive Driving

In addition to a safe vehicle, defensive driving is vital to road safety. Defensive driving is operating your vehicle in a manner that accounts for the actions of other drivers, weather and road conditions. You can’t control outside influences, but you can control how you react to them. New drivers and senior citizens have the highest crash rates, so the NY Strategic Highway Safety Plan recommends additional education for these demographics. The state has approved a number of agencies to instruct in defensive driving. After successful completion, participants can save up to 10% on their insurance and/or have points removed from their license. Empire Safety Council offers region-specific defensive driving courses, including one for Seneca Falls residents.

Driving Law Awareness

With the goal of safe and efficient travel, laws and regulations for driving are put into place. Things like speed limits, turn restrictions, one-way streets, etc, are determined for both function and safety, so it’s important to abide by the rules of the road. Failure to follow these regulations often contributes to accidents. Watch for important signs and changes in things like speed limits so that you’re always aware.

Just like most things in life, the primary responsibility of safe driving falls upon the driver. Adhere to the laws, operate a safe vehicle, and be ready to respond to the mistakes of others or an uncooperative environment. If everyone follows this guidance, the number of accidents will continue to decrease over time.