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Koch tells Town Board he’ll sell Huntington for apartments

The Huntington Building controversy may be over.

Building owner George Peter Koch informed Town Board members Saturday that he has signed a purchase agreement with Home Leasing of Rochester.

In an email, the retired auto dealer told board members that “I am pleased to inform you that I have signed a purchase and sale agreement for the Huntington Building at 201 Fall St. with Home Leasing, 180 Clinton Square, Rochester.’’’

“Their intent is to convert the building into apartments. This agreement should end local concern about the Circle K proposal,’’ he said.

Koch attached photos and descriptions of other Home Leasing building reuses for housing in Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Holley, Waverly and Lykens, Pa. Several involve converting old school buildings into housing units.

The fate of the building is the topic of a special Town Board meeting at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

The board is scheduled to meet with representatives of the town Heritage Preservation Commission and their attorney, Wendy Marsh, to discuss the HPC’s recent motion to file a notice of appeal of a decision by State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Doyle in the lawsuit filed by Koch against the HPC and town.

Koch owns the now-vacant Huntington Building. He wanted to sell it to Circle K, a gas station and convenience store chain. Circle K wanted the 1870-era, three-story brick building to be demolished before they bought the property so they could also demolish an adjacent gas station to make way for a new, larger gas station and convenience store on the two parcels.

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