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How far $20 can get you at the NYS Fair

There are endless things to do at the Fair, which means a lot of people wind up spending a lot of money.

CNYCentral reporter Amanda Chin made it her mission to see how far she could get with just $20 on Thursday.

Admission was $3 for the Fair’s “$3 Thursdays” discount day, which immediately left her with only 17 dollars.

Her first stop was the milk bar to get a $0.25 cent cup of chocolate milk.

With $16.75 left, she headed to the Science and Industry building in search of freebies.

Sure enough, there were important things she could learn for free, and she got to make some homemade slime.

With a $1 hot dog a $5 lemonade for lunch, and $6 fried Reeses cups for dessert, she was left with $4.75.

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