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Debate continues as NYSEG, RG&E weigh rate hikes for 2020

The New York State Electric and Gas Corporation, better known as NYSEG, has proposed raising their rates in 2020. Annual electric delivery rates would possibly increase by $156.7 million and annual gas delivery rates would increase by $6.3 million. The average residential monthly electric bill will increase by $10.20 and the gas bill will increase by $1.03. Due to this proposal, NYSEG and RG& E out of Rochester have been meeting with their customers to hear what they have to say.

“The discussion is really what people’s  feelings are about what the purposed, the company’s proposed rate increases are,” says John Chirlin, Media Communications Director of NYS PSC.

The companies collectively serve over 1,700,000  customers in 46 counties in upstate and western New York, and if you are one of those millions of people who may not be able to attend the next meeting, you can still send in your thoughts and concerns.

“If anyone who has thoughts and or you know and or opinions on their NYSEG or RG&E rates should feel free to come to one of these hearings or input comment on the website and their all taken, their all on the record,” says Chirlin.

No decisions have been made yet or will be anytime soon until all forums are complete and gone over. The process will take about 11 months before the companies make any announcement on what they plan to officially do.

“This is one of six that we are holding around the state in the NYSEG RG and E utility areas. The purpose today is to exclusively solicit public comment, no decisions have been made by the commission, by the department on the rate increases, the proposed rate increases,”

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