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Potential effects of summer break on students learning

Most schools and colleges take a long break during the summer months. In fact, it may be what students look forward to most throughout the academic year. But there is often debate whether taking such an extended summer break from learning is good or bad for student education. Let’s take a look and find out.

Good Reasons for a Study Break

Let’s not forget that a lot of students work hard during the academic year. They have a lot of assignments and essay work due on a regular basis, as well as frequent testing and grading assessments. If you do not take a break from study, anyone will burn out. Summer vacation is a fantastic time to unwind and relax after a hardworking year. It gives students the opportunity to back and relax, building their energy up for more academic success when they go back to school. After all, the last thing you want is students dropping out of school. For help when you need it, pupils could always try an Australian writing service like Edubirdie and make sure they do not start the year with bad grades. But we will get to that later on in this article.

In addition, summer break is a good opportunity for students to explore other opportunities outside of school. This could be going to music camps, playing sports and socialising with other people their age. Often, there is not enough time for this during the school year. But other activities outside of school can be good ways to build other skills that can help students in later life. It can let them become ambitious and find out what drives them. Furthermore, summer jobs can be highly advantageous. Not only is it a time for pupils to make their own money, but they can learn about different vocations and create a career path for themselves. Not to mention, they can learn other skills too.

While you may not think a summer vacation abroad is anything other than a time to relax, it is actually a good opportunity for young people to learn about different cultures. Going outside of the country is a fantastic chance to see other parts of the world and learn more than just what happens in your hometown. This can help to promote tolerance and embracing other people that are different.

Bad Reasons for a Summer Break

Of course, you may be familiar with some of the negative consequences of summer break if you are in the learning profession. In particular, having so many months away from learning can have a detrimental effect on motivation and interest. Students can find it harder to go back to writing and reading, even forgetting some of the skills and topics they have learned about in the previous academic year.

There can be a change to their mindset, too, becoming too lazy after lying in and laying around during the summer. It occurs out of constantly learning throughout the year to suddenly stop the learning rhythm. Students can lose the organizational and study habits they had developed and have to start all over again at the start of the academic year.

Some students have even said that they become bored during the summer break. When you go from being busy all of the time to doing nothing for months, it can become boring, and this is when bad habits can form. While the first few weeks will be a novelty for students, soon they will be bored. While this could make some students motivated to head back to school, for others, it could mean getting into trouble.

Ways to Avoid the Summer Break Woes

If students do find a lot of negative habits arising during the summer, all is not lost. There are plenty of ways that pupils can keep their motivation high and set their sights on more academic success. Perhaps a good balance could involve rest and vacation for a few weeks, followed by some structured activities.

For example, summer courses and activity camps are great ways to learn some new skills and enjoy some study during the warm months of the year. This could be for academic credit or a course that you are interested in learning about. There are courses run through colleges, universities, churches and independent organisations. This can help students to keep a structured week of attending classes and engaging their brain with reading and writing.

If pupils are proactive, they could even create their own study schedules to make sure that they remember everything they were taught before the summer. Creating a schedule before summer behinds can keep a structure without losing motivation or interest. Of course, you have got to be careful of the burnout effect; that is the last thing you want to occur before the new academic year.

Some school and college learners need help when it comes to the new academic year. Whether this is through motivational problems or just finding it hard to transition into a more difficult year. This is when online writing services can help. They can get guidance on writing assessments from professionals when they have been assigned a new topic. They can even order revision material so they can remember what they studied before the summer break. Everyone knows that essay writing is one of the most difficult skills to develop, and pupils should not be afraid of asking for help if their teachers do not provide it.

Most likely, summer break will always be a yearly vacation from school or college. The most important thing that students can do is make the most of it, whether it is creating their own schedule, completing a course or getting help for returning to school. It is the perfect time to explore other options, too, such as getting a job or learning about a new culture. The worst thing that students can do is waste it in front of the television or computer!

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