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Campers go all out at WGI

Campers at Watkins Glen International showed off their elaborate camping sites for this year’s Go Bowling at the Glen Weekend.

Some race fans arrived right when the gates opened at 7 am on Wednesday and have been waiting for Sunday’s big race. For some campers they go all out when it comes to their camping site. They have everything from standard camping gear, to corn-hole, to their own personal bars, and even bowling.

“We really go all out, we really enjoy it. This is like, we think about it, we plan and we do everything to do this. This is our weekend, this is NASCAR, we’re girls who like racing,” says Chelle of Great Bend, Pa.

Chelle, along with her two friends have not only a bowling alley set up outside their camper, but they also have bowling shoes, trophies for anyone who gets a strike, and their own personal bar. This isn’t the first year these ladies have gone above and beyond when it comes to their camping setup. For the past 10 years, they’ve had a different theme, even winning the “Geico Award” last year for the best campsite.

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