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The NY State Fair prepares for crowds amid recent reports of mass shootings nationwide

The New York State Fairgrounds are quiet now, but soon they will be filled with thousands of people coming through the gates.

After the recent mass shooting at a garlic festival in California, the question on many people’s minds is how officials plan to keep attendees safe when going to the Fair.

Troy Waffner, the director of the New York State Fair, says that being prepared for an emergency situation is something their staff starts continuously works on throughout the year.

“It’s something we think long and hard and plan for and test. You put together an emergency preparedness plan and it really just sits on a shelf and it shouldn’t, we test ours multiple times a year to really drive the message home to how you react if something does happen,” Waffner said.

Waffner says the Fair has a very active emergency operations center. It includes the DOT, State Police, Homeland Security, and even undercover officers.

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