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What is better for your health: Smoking Tobacco or CBD?

It’s no longer a secret that the CBD market is expanding while that of traditional tobacco cigarettes dwindles. That means a perfect storm for a non-psychoactive smokeable might be the next big thing. Generally, not every tobacco smoker would care to enjoy the cannabis heady effects the same way they do with a traditional cigarette. However, non-psychoactive joints are gaining momentum as a viable alternative. 

People are purchasing CBD pre-rolls, oil, and other products and using them over lunch breaks. Individuals are turning to CBD for varied reasons including quitting traditional cigarettes or for anxiety. CBD joints are now offering similar outlet with cigarettes. They provide a chance to spend some time outside, calm down, and focus on how users breathe. The good thing about CBD is that it provides this chance without the negative health effects of tobacco. 

Tobacco Smoking and its Effects 

A major reason to switch from smoking tobacco to CBD oil vape is to avoid the negative effects of tobacco smoke on health. Tobacco smoking entails inhalation of smoke that contains thousands of harmful chemicals. Majority of these chemicals have been proven to cause cancer. These chemicals are referred to by the name carcinogens. But, nicotine is the addictive chemical in cigarette smoke. It’s this chemical that makes a person want to smoke more cigarettes. In addition to cancer, these chemicals have a connection with other health conditions including lung disease and heart disease. 

Generally, tobacco smoking has been known to cause incredible safety and health concerns across the world. For that reason, many laws and regulations have been made and implement to prevent some of the risks associated with smoking. These risks include the effects of second-hand smoke on nonsmokers like young children and pregnant women. 

CBD and its Effects 

Most people consider a convenient and beneficial way to consume CBD is cannabis e-juice or CBD e-liquid (Vapingdaily provides additional hints). Good thing about CBD is that it delivers the calming and medicinal properties of cannabis without getting the user high. That’s because CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. 

What’s more, CBD is a fast absorbing compound. That’s why a person starts feeling its relaxing and calming effects all over the body minutes after vaping it. Its potential medicinal properties also help with depression, anxiety, stress, and degenerative illnesses like arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. 

But, this doesn’t mean that CBD is completely safe. CBD has its negative effects too. For instance, CBD oil inhalation can cause nausea and coughing among people with lung conditions or pre-existing health problems. Some brands of CBD oil can also have thinning agents that can affect your health negatively. CBD extract is thick and viscous for vaporizers. As such, thinning agents can be used to make the extract efficient to inhale. 

Polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol are the most common thinning agents used. These can be broken down into possible carcinogenic compounds at high temperatures. In some cases, propylene glycol induces respiratory complications like asthma and allergic reactions when vaped. 

CBD is More than a Mere Substitute for Nicotine 

CBD vape oil is not just a substitute for cigarettes smoke. It offers biological supports to people that want to quit smoking. Basically, CBD works with the human endocannabinoid system. This makes it a regulation tool for bringing homeostasis back. That’s why it helps with anxiety by bringing a person back to their calm state, which is the reason why most people start smoking cigarette. Many people smoke cigarettes looking for a way to relief stress. 

In some cases, mental health disorders and tobacco addiction go hand-in-hand. The prevalence rates for smoking among people with mental illness are around 40%. Tobacco related illnesses kill almost half of the patients with depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. 

A recent study has established that cannabidiol has the potential to reverse attention bias to traditional cigarette cues associated with tobacco withdrawal. In simple terms, CBD has the potential to reduce the satisfaction and strength of smoking triggers. 

Another study found that CBD has the potential to reduce cigarette intake over one week. It further established that substances that alter the endocannabinoid system have the potential to treat nicotine addiction. This is partially since cannabis acts on the stem of the brain. Research has shown that this region is acutely affected by tobacco. 

So, what’s best for Your Health? 

It’s not possible to concretely say that even vaping the best CBD oil for pain is completely safe or better for your health when compared to smoking. That’s because vaping CBD oil is a relatively new phenomenon. However, findings of the studies conducted so far have suggested that vaping CBD might be better for human health than smoking tobacco. Essentially, the toxins released when a person vapes CBD oil are fewer when compared to those released when a person smokes tobacco. 

Generally, researchers have associated both vaping CBD and smoking tobacco with several health concerns. Therefore, if you’ve never smoked or vaped, it’s probably a good idea to never do any of the two. Nevertheless, if you smoke or you have been a smoker, switching to vaping can be a good idea because it might improve your overall health. Some people have switched from smoking tobacco to vaping CBD as a way to wean themselves off nicotine. That means you can also try to switch to vaping CBD as a way to cut out your nicotine consumption completely. 

The Bottom Line 

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) regulations prohibit the use of CBD as a food additive whether sourced from cannabis or industrial hemp. That means its effects on human health are yet to be ascertained fully. When vaping CBD is compared to smoking tobacco, there are many factors to consider. These include how CBD is produced and the devices used to consume it. But, it’s only time that will tell whether vaping CBD is better for your health when compared to smoking tobacco. That’s because vaping CBD is a relatively new trend whose long-term effects are yet to be known fully. Nevertheless, the studies conducted so far have shown that vaping CBD is better than smoking tobacco though neither vaping CBD nor smoking tobacco is completely safe.

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