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WEEKEND WEATHER: Warm, sticky and stormy until Sunday cool-down

Summer weather has finally settled in across the FLX and with it, comes the threat of thunderstorms. Keep an eye on the radar this weekend before heading out on the lake or any outdoor plans. It looks like Sunday will be the pick day with a slight cool down and less humidity.

Here are the details on how the next few days are shaping up…

Friday, July 5th:
Scattered thunderstorms possible throughout the Finger Lakes region in the late morning and most likely in the early afternoon. High temperatures in the mid to high 80’s, with low temperatures in the low 70’s.

Dew points on Friday and Saturday will be in the 70’s which will result in increased relative humidity, and muggy air. Sometimes this can be referred to as “air you can wear” because of how sticky it can feel outside. Thunderstorms can be hit or miss in the summer. Pay close attention to radars and local forecasts if you plan on going to events such as Canal Fest or decide to go swimming, if thunder roars, go indoors!

Saturday, July 6th:
More scattered thunderstorms likely throughout the day from the morning into the night and spotty showers possible into early Sunday morning. High temperature ranging from the low to mid 80’s with lows in the low 60’s.

Sunday, July 7th:
Partly cloudy in the morning and sunny weather for the rest of the day. It will be noticeably less humid with dew points in the mid to high 50’s. High temperatures across the mid to northern parts of the Finger Lakes will see reach the mid to high 70’s during the day. While the most southern parts, such as Watkins Glen or Ithaca, could reach the low 80’s. Low temperatures will be in the low 60’s.

Visit our Local Weather Center for live local radar and our up-to-the minute forecast.

Enjoy the weekend!

– Weekend Weather Preview compiled by Danielle Ehresman
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