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How to stay safe boating this summer

With summer here, it means people are getting ready for long days, warm weather, and time spent out on the water. But what do you do if severe weather strikes? The Steuben county sheriff’s office has some tips.

“I recommend them if they can see shore, get to shore as soon as possible,” said Lt. Richard Lock with the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office. “You’re better off getting to shore secure in your boat. You get into a, you know, a structure that’s safe. Safe and sound. Being out on the lake is no fun in high winds and thunder storms.”

Choosing to “ride it out” could put more than just your life at risk.

“If you’re out on the lake, you can be dealing with high winds, which create waves, which could capsize your boat,” said Lock. “Now you become an emergency out there. Now responders have to try to come help you and that makes it difficult. So if you can get to shore, safe and sound, that’s where you need to be.”

But if you are so far out on the water, and can’t see land, riding the storm out may be your only choice.

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