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The birthplace for ‘Talking Movies’ in Auburn

One of the best hidden gems in Auburn can be found at the Cayuga Museum of History and Art. It was founded in 1936 by Theodore Case and his wife. The museum offers exhibitions, public programs and has a wide range of artifacts and photographs.

But it's most famous attraction is the Case Research Lab where sound on film was developed. As we quickly found out, its rich history is a big draw for people around Central New York and beyond.

The moment you step inside the lab, you are instantly transported back to the early 1900's. It is frozen in time with original items on display. "We even have some of the test footage here in the museum where you can see the videos in the museum, where you can see the videos they were doing to test the process. It's just a really cool space," said Geoffrey Starks, Development Director for the Cayuga Museum.

Starks is working to make this a must stop for those curious about Auburn's history. "Honestly, we're a little bit of a hidden gem to people," he said. Flash back to the 1920's and this is where Theodore Case started tinkering. He worked hard to figure out a way to bring silent films to life. "It's kind of the story of Upstate New York in a lot of ways," Starks said. "You have all these little pockets of this amazing history here and it's one of those things that people are like wow, this major part of our national history was invented in this guy's garage in the backyard."
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