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NR-W announces Superintendent succession plan

The North Rose-Wolcott Board of Education and Superintendent Stephan J. Vigliotti, Sr., would like to inform the District community of a succession plan that was recently finalized between the Board of Education and the Superintendent at its meeting on July 2, 2019. Superintendent Vigliotti has offered and the Board of Education has accepted a tentative plan for the District, whereby Superintendent Vigliotti will be stepping down as Superintendent of Schools effective January 1, 2020. Over the course of the next few months, the Board of Education will be engaging in a comprehensive and exhaustive search for a new Superintendent capable of maintaining and building upon the District’s progress in the coming years.

Under Superintendent Vigliotti’s tenure and guidance, the District has seen impressive gains in student achievement. Also, under Superintendent Vigliotti’s guidance, the North Rose-Wolcott community approved an ambitious Capital Project campaign designed to provide students and community members with the necessary educational tools and facilities to succeed in the 21st Century. To that end, at the conclusion of Superintendent Vigliotti’s tenure as Superintendent, he has graciously agreed to remain with the District as Deputy Superintendent for Capital Construction in order to continue to manage the District’s Capital Construction Project to its conclusion.

Superintendent Vigliotti said: “During the past 5 years it has been my privilege and pleasure serving the students and community members of the North Rose-Wolcott Central School District. I look forward to continue serving in my new role.”

The Board of Education thanks Superintendent Vigliotti for his leadership and the District looks forward to continuing to provide the best education possible to its students.