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12 reasons why the first date will be the last

It is not always possible to make far-reaching conclusions about the partner on the first date, but there are some moments that should be noticed. Remember them – and let it help you to avoid wasting time on those who do not worth it.

So, what should women seeking men put their attention to during the date?

1. He criticizes your choice of food and drinks.

Even if it seems to you that it is cute and shows his care, be careful: such control can spread to other areas of life.

2. Does not take initiative at all

In some cases, this is normal: people could be very modest. However, if he does not want to decide anything at all, think whether you want to continue this for many years.

3. Does not care about security

Does he arrange a date in a hooligan area? However, if your security is not so important to him, it is food to think.

4. Criticizes his exes

If he constantly criticizes his ex-girlfriend, especially if he calls her stupid and offensive nicknames, it is likely that he will do the same to you.

5. Scolds food

He does not like the dish, service and a cafe, which he offered? In the future, it will probably be even worse!

6. He is late without reason

It sometimes happens that something serious occurs in life, but being half an hour late with a quick “sorry” is not what you want on the first date. If he does not appreciate your time, will he appreciate you?

7. Complains about everything

If he constantly finds cons in everything that you are talking about, it is likely that this will continue later.

8. You have too much in common.

Yes, it is bad! He agrees with you in everything, loves the same music and books, and has the same views… It may be a sign of constant manipulations that are waiting for you very soon.

9. Constantly looks into the phone

If you see him for the first time, and he does not care about you so why to continue communication?

10. Too rushing

On the first date, he wants to talk to your mom on the phone and take a selfie with you? He clearly violates the concept of personal boundaries, and there is nothing pleasant about it.

11. Constantly asking questions

You told him literally everything about yourself, but you know nothing about him? This is very strange!

12. Constantly speaks about himself

A sign of a typical egoist, and it will not be easy to cope with. He is not interested in you and that is it.

So, now you know exactly what to do if you noticed any of the red lights. Just be confident, your soulmate is somewhere on the way to you!

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