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Did Cuomo get what he wanted out of 2019 session?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, perhaps on a lack of sleep and feeling a bit punchy, bristled a bit when asked if there was anything else he wanted out of the legislative session.

“We did 99.9 percent, right?” Cuomo said.

He then took a glass of water in front of him and filled another glass with it. Not satisfied, he took a bottle of water in front of his counsel, Alphonso David, and filled the glass with it to the brim.

“This year, we are at this point, alright?” he said, holding the glass aloft. “We are at 99.9 percent.”

Bleary eyed lawmakers wrapped up the 2019 legislative session early this morning in Assembly just as the sun was rising on the first day of summer. The session, which begins in January and last six months, saw a raft of long-sought Democratic goals approved over the last half year.

A partial list: Rent control was strengthened and expanded potentially outside of New York City. Abortion laws were strengthened. New gun control measures were approved. Early voting will be made available for the first time this year. A ban on plastic bags was included in the state budget. Undocumented immigrants will be able to apply for driver’s licenses and state tuition assistance.

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