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Must-try fade haircuts for men

By definition, fade haircuts are styles that starts short and gradually disappear into clear skin. If done correctly by an expert, the transition is usually a flawless blur or gradient. The most common versions of the fade are zero, bald and skin fade.

A fade can be created anywhere on your head. However, there are small fades that are only restricted to the sideburn, neckline, or the temple. High and mid fades are more significant, and the hair is chopped short half way up your head or up to the hairline. From the three main fade haircut, you can get numerous styles, and some are covered here. Take a gander…

  1. Low Fade Haircut.

As you can guess it from its name, the fading begins low down on the head. You can tell your stylist to help you get the most flattering style for your face type. This is a great look for men with straight hair chopped into trendy crops. It is also an excellent addition to the hottest haircuts for men with curly hair.

  1. Mid Fade Hairstyle.

Here is an excellent example of how fade hairstyles focus attention on the rest of the locks and make them appear thicker. The hair in this fade haircut is maintained short at the edges and down to skin fade at the sideburns. Most mid fade styles are cut styled with a drop-down fade to create some length on the top though some adhere to a straight line for a bold impression. This is very classic hairstyle for guys that can be worn at the office and also in a club or at the gym.

  1. High Fade Hairstyle.

Your guess is right as mine; the high fade hairstyle has fading that begins up high on the head. The fade is usually a continuation of the line-up, that begins above the temp. This haircut really looks great with slicked back cuts such as pompadours.


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  1. Longer Fade Hairstyle.

Fade haircuts can be rocked by men with longer locks too. While mohawks, man buns, and braids are a better choice for this hairstyle, so it is an extended slicked-back style. This is a beautiful look for guys who have round faces and need a haircut to give an impression of a longer face.

  1. Drop Fade Cut.

As the name suggests, the drop fade incorporates fading at the back of the head. Just as the other fades, the drop fade can be shaved high, medium, or short. You can also include a pomp hairstyle for a more sophisticated look.

  1. Faded Crop Haircut.

This is a popular haircut, especially in Europe and North America. This elegant short hairstyles for men for gents can be shaved and styled in various ways, but the back and the sides are usually faded.

  1. Heavy Crop Fade.

This is a modern version of the faded crop for men with thick hair. The top hair is heavy and trimmed to boost texture and minimise weight. A low skin fade gives this look an angled hairline.

  1. Fade Haircut with Design.

Fades are the best styles to choose if you want to include shaved hair designs. These hair designs can be whatever you want to include from your girlfriend’s face to your favourite team logos. They can be styled at the back of your head, the sides or put on the neck. Be creative with your haircuts!


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  1. Afro Fade Hairstyle.

You can also decide to incorporate an afro into your haircut for a modern touch. The look also sets the face for the new hair trends.

  1. Military Haircut Fade.

Military fade haircuts are becoming more popular among civilians. Traditionally, fades where statement looks for men, and this haircut looks great in and out of the uniform.

  1. High Top Fade.

Cutting the hair close makes the hair at the top appear even higher. Rather than styling a classic flat top, this high-top fade incorporates a round profile and curled edge with a defined height. What else can you ask for rather than this statement haircut?

  1. Short Hair Fade.

Short hair fade usually refers to cuts such as high and tight, crew cut, buzz cut etc. For bold contrast, do not keep one-length hair all around, rather get a high bald fade and extremely short sides. This is a great style for men that can take you from office to a club.

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