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Deputies have presence at Wayne HS after bullets found in parking lot

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office will have an extra presence at the Wayne Central School District high school this morning as students make their way to school.

The district says a handgun magazine with two bullets was found in the staff parking lot of the high school.

After a district staff member found it, she immediately brought it to an administrator who called the police. However, after a search, deputies found no other items of concern.

The investigation remains active.

See the full-statement from the district below:

Dear Wayne Central Community,

Late this afternoon a district staff member found a handgun magazine with two bullets in it in the high school staff parking lot. After finding this item she brought it directly to an administrator. 

Administration immediately contacted local police. Upon arrival to the school police took a report and then took the item into custody.

Given this concern the district immediately enacted the following measures:

1. Building check and search – With the support of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department the district completed a building check of the high school, our other buildings and grounds. We found no additional items of concern.

2. Police support – District staff have secured additional police for tomorrow. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to send several additional deputies to assist and monitor this concern tomorrow. Officers will be here as students arrive in the morning to school.

Please know, at this time we do not know if this item was brought in to school by a staff member, student or a community member who may have attended one of our events this week. It is our goal to ensure the health and safety of our students. As such, we will continue to monitor this matter closely.

We ask all parents to speak with their children to remind them that bringing items such as these to school is not allowed and is subject to discipline as outlined in the district’s code of conduct.

We also ask that parents encourage their children to reach out to district staff and administrators if they should ever hear of or learn of any items, like this one, that might be brought into school.

Parents should also remind their children that the district maintains a hotline that students and community members can use to report any concern. The hotline phone number is: 1-585-our tips.

Should any parent or community member have a concern about this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s principal or district office staff.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

Dr. Mathis Calvin III

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