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Installing Weather-stripping on Your Markham Windows And Doors

Thinking about weather-stripping your Markham windows and doors? Well, this is a good decision to make your windows and doors tight and not allow air in. However, there are considerations you must make before you start the process. For instance, you should install weather-stripping on your windows and doors when the sun is shining. At this time, your home is well opened up, and you can see any gap along with the window and door frames.

Therefore, weather-stripping should be done during the spring to prepare your home for the cold winter by making it energy efficient-something which comes in handy during the winter and the summer. So how do you install weather-stripping on your Markham windows and doors?

  1. Installing Weather-stripping to Your Doors.

You can buy weather-stripping kits from your local store, and this kit comes with everything you need to accomplish this job. weather-stripping is an important weather improvement activity, and you can get various styles available such as vinyl, wood, and metal.

  1. Get the Measurements for The Weather Stripping.

The kit comes with two long pieces to be used in the side jambs and another shorter one to be used at the top jam. The first step is to calibrate the measurements of the jamb.

Make sure you take precise measurements of the jambs of your windows Markham so to get the accurate weather-stripping. After that, cut the weather-stripping using a hacksaw to get the needed measurements.

  1. Now Apply the Weather Stripping.

Hold the weather-stripping material into place using nails. Driver the nails into your weather-stripping but do not drive them wholly into the weather-stripping pieces.

  1. Ensure Everything Gets into Its Right Place.

The work is already done. Test whether you have applied the weather-stripping on your Markham windows and doors right. Open the window and close it, and ensure the latch also functions well.

When you are sure that everything is in its right place, hammer the nails to hold the weather-stripping into place and secure it.

You can also consider installing doors sweeps on your doors. They operate like weather-stripping, but these don’t take long to install.

  1. Weather-stripping Your Windows.

To apply windows Markham weather-stripping, you should start by analysing the design of your window to know the best way to go about it. V-channel weather-stripping is best for sliding and double hung windows.

  1. Clean Your Windows.

The first step is to clean your windows using water and soap and wait until they dry. Take measurements of your windows and then cut the right length of weather-stripping.

  1. Apply Weather-stripping.

The weather-stripping kits for the windows come with the needed adhesives and pieces for weather-stripping.

To accomplish this, you need to cut the required lengths of the pieces of the V-channel. After that, follow the same process you followed for the doors, and you will have everything completed as required.

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