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Homeowners along Lake Ontario worry high water could lower property value

It’s peaceful and beautiful living on the water’s edge of Lake Ontario.

However, with lake levels close to hitting an all time high, it’s also worrisome.

“The water level is higher than I’ve ever seen it and the damage from the water is by far worse than it’s ever been,” said Jim Babcock.

Jim Babcock’s dad built a camp on the lake back in the sixties and Jim lives on its sun soaked shoreline full time now.

However, the past few years his concern has risen with water level.

“I had about 40 feet of property coming from this wall here out and it’s all gone now,” said Babcock.

He said because of the high water in Lake Ontario, the waves are slowly washing away his property, so he’s installed temporary concrete blocks to try and protect it.

Jim has considered selling his home, but now he worries he might not get enough money for it.
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