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What first-responders fear most about rising lake levels

“Water levels are almost the same height that they were at the peak of 2017. So obviously the city of Oswego owns a lot of public infrastructure along the water being the first deep-water port on Lake Ontario,” explained Griffin.

It wasn’t hard to see that the shoreline is bracing for levels to get higher.

There are sandbags lining the Port Authority building.

If you’re a boater,Chief Griffin says you’ve got to pay attention to a few other things.

“We have a significant amount of runoff that comes from upstream. With that comes debris, and things like that coming over the waterfalls. What we end up with out on the lake is all kinds of debris that gets washed through.”

The debris is a concern, as well as following the rules of a ‘no wake zone.’

“It’s a five mile and hour within 1,000 feet of shore, so that you don’t have splash over onto people’s property and doing more damage,” said the Chief.
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