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‘ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS’: NYSCOPBA rep blasts NYS, Cuomo after 12 hospitalized following pair of incidents at Auburn Correctional Facility

A dozen Auburn Correctional Facility officers were hurt after a pair of attacks this month at the facility.

A press release from the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association noted that the initial incident occurred on May 11th in a recreation yard.

They said two inmates were being escorted by officers to their cells for disciplinary reasons when the inmates refused to re-enter the facility. They attacked the officers; and then about 25 more inmates joined in the attack.

A chemical agent was used, but did not have any effect initially. Additional staff were called to the scene, but were also attacked. One officer was even knocked unconscious, according to the release.

The inmates were eventually returned to their cells.

Officers were treated at Auburn Community Hospital for a variety of injuries. The inmates who were involved in the attack were placed in a special unit. An investigation into that incident remains active.

On May 12th a cell frisk was conducted. The press release indicated that six makeshift weapons were located. Searches continued taking place over the next several days.

On May 13th while additional searches were being executed – an inmate tried to attack the officers. Four additional officers were injured in that incident.

Joe Miano, Western Region Vice President of NYSCOPBA said Auburn Correctional Facility remains one of the ‘most dangerous’ prisons in the state. “On a consistent basis staff is assaulted, inmate on inmate fights occur and large numbers of weapons are seized. The attack on staff by more than two dozen inmates in the recreation yard could have been seconds away from one of our members being gravely injured.”

“While the Governor continues to take credit for reducing the inmate population and closing a record amount of prisons, the hard working men and women of NYSCOPBA are at risk every day when they enter one of the facilities. Select legislators continue to call for additional reductions in discipline for inmates, leaving literally no deterrent for attacks like this one. When will those elected officials start to take notice that these men and women, who dedicate themselves to keeping our communities safe, deserve their support? They certainly haven’t shown it up to now.”

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