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How the trade war with China will affect local grocery prices

Increased tariffs in the escalating trade war between the US and China will affect roughly 5,200 items, including fruits, nuts, vegetables, meats, pasta and breads, worrying local grocery chains.

Theresa Himes, the owner of Bosco’s in Oswego, says she’s worried about the trickle-down effect that the increased tariffs will have on her prices.

She says that even though she only gets garlic from China, she’s worried the bigger food retailers will start buying locally to avoid the higher tariffs, increasing demand and driving up prices for everyone – including her customers.

Despite the price increases, she defends the trade war in support of local farmers.

“Obviously the pricing could go up, but I think we need to hold our ground because we need to start having an even playing field for our farmers,” she said. “When different products come into the country, it lowers the cost that they can sell their products.”
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