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Boaters concerned about another season of possible flooding

At Southpoint Marina on Irondequoit Bay, several people spent Saturday putting their boats in the water, but because of the rising lake level, some, including Ann Marie Denero of Spencerport, fear they might not be able to enjoy the water.

“We made a lot of reservations to go to go places, to go to Toronto, to Wilson, so if that happens and the water stays high, they’ll be underwater, and we won’t be going anywhere,” said Denero.

Denero’s travel plans via her boat were thwarted during the historic flooding in 2017. She said that summer, many boaters didn't do much cruising and instead stayed docked.

A five-mile-per-hour speed limit was in place two years ago and she said having to drive slow on a hot day was not cool.

“You’re sweating,” Denero said. “It’s hot and so people were never really going out. They were just staying at the docks because they didn't want to leave, and it would take too long to get out there and it was too hot.”

High water levels this year have now called for another state of emergency in both Wayne and Monroe counties. In many areas, boating speeds are reduced to five-miles per hour. The order is meant to help prevent erosion of shoreline properties by lessening the force of the crashing waves.

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