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NYT Bestselling author Eric Litwin delights audience at Newark elementary school

As engaging as Eric Litwin’s beloved children’s books are to his young and young-at-heart readers – his magnetic personality and musical prowess captivated and enlivened Lincoln School students and staff at an end-of-the-school day interactive concert performance in the gymnasium May 1st.

And that was after the dynamic, #1 New York Times Best Selling, award-winning, original author of the “Pete the Cat” series, as well as the author of “The Nuts” and “Groovy Joe” books, put on an equally energetically entertaining 45-minute show at Lyons Elementary School before coming to Newark.

The multi-talented Litwin, of Atlanta, whose books have been translated into 17 languages and who has won 26 literary awards, also plays guitar, harmonica and sings. He’s produced 8 award-winning music CDs.

At Lincoln, his performance showcased his myriad gifts and had seemingly everyone in the room laughing, smiling, singing, tapping their toes and moving.

He even invited three children to join him at the front in an improvisational songfest about what he and they love.

Happy to oblige, Kindergartner Madeline Stanton shared and sang about her love for donuts as Litwin sang and strummed his guitar and the audience sang along.  Likewise Zeke Lesterhuis crooned about his love of clowns and UPK pupil Marelle Divelbliss serenaded about his love of rocks.

Moreover, the performance was punctuated with Litwin’s hilarious fits of laughter, shouts, all manner of facial expressions and movement that evoked similar responses from his riveted audience.

“It was wonderful!,” raved Lincoln Principal Stephanie Miller. ” Students had the opportunity to rock out with Mr. Eric as they moved and sang together. He captured the audience with his humor, students were giggling and laughing at his jokes. We are so thankful that Gen Arcovio was able to arrange his visit to our school.”

“Over spring break I became aware through a mutual contact via social media that Eric Litwin was going to be traveling to Syracuse and Buffalo for family events and was looking to fill May 1st with several schools in the Rochester area,” explained Arcovio , the Lincoln School Literacy Intervention Specialist. “I reached out to him for details and shared the information with Stephanie Miller who began working on making this visit happen right away with the immense help of (our school secretary) Becky Briggs.

“Mr. Eric’s concert was highly engaging and was enjoyed by students and staff, alike,’’ continued Arcovio. “I think the staff appreciated his message of the importance of finding time to create joyful reading experiences and the students enjoyed a joyful reading experience right along with him to some of their favorite books and characters.”