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Talent show a big hit in Newark

Judging from the enthusiastic response seen in the applause and smiles on the faces of parents, siblings and others to the 45 performers that highlighted “Kelley’s Got Talent” show at Kelley School April 11th, it was a huge hit.

The nearly two-hour show, that drew about 300, was organized by a committee made up of teachers and administrators. It included teachers Jen Strazzabosco, Megan Greene, Alicia Marchionda, Ashley Stoughton, Emily Bisland, Kailey Ritch, Lisa Zalacca, Shannon McGinnis, Alisa Elder, Kimberly Chamberlain, Morgan D’Eredita, Alisha Creager, Kelley School Assistant Principal Kerri Levine and Kelley Principal Jeff Hamelinck.

The committee also conducted auditions, rehearsals and designed the program.

Fourth grader Matiece Miller was the Master of Ceremonies at the talent show.

“Tonight you will see many students supporting our talent show,” she said at the opening. “Some helped you when you came in; some are back stage and some will be on the stage introducing and performing acts.”

Judges for the evening, who made upbeat comments after each act, were: Kelley secretary Barb Simonse; Krista Lewis, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction; and Strazzabosco, who is the S.T.E.A.M. teacher at Kelley.

Students that performed and their grade levels were:

•Maggie Cornwell (3) who sang “Devils Don’t Fly.”

•Leonarda Olivera Plain (5), Corrigan Carpenter Bump (5) and Mallorie Minutolo (5) who danced to “Lost Boy”

•Kylie Gravino, (4) played “A Thousand Years” on the piano

•Lucus Young (4) who played “Baby Bumblebee” on trombone

•Ridley Chandler (4) who sang “This is Me”

•Dominic Davis (3) who danced to “Mama Said”

•Henry Ganster (3) who performed card tricks with Dominic Davis.

•Annaliz Garcia (3) who danced to “Fight Song”

•Shaquonn Carithers (4) and Jevar Moore (4) who performed with a basketball to music.

•Genevieve Witter (3) and Hope Clerveau (3) who performed a comedy skit.

•Dave’Anni Brown (5) who sang “Lost Boy”

•Adrianna Smith (4) and Janel Williams (4) who danced to “Hit The Quan”

•Olivia Parish (3), Phoenix Irvin (3) and Aviana Torres (3) performed gymnastics

After a 10 minute break, the second act of the show began with school staff _ Clare Bothelo, Zalacca, Elder, Greene, Stoughton, Ritch, Levine and Hamelinck performing a hilarious rendition of  “Baby Shark” using props and shark costumes.

Then these students performed:

•Avery Kelley (3) telling jokes with assistance from Aviana Torres (3)

•Emma Gant (4) who performed gymnastics with Shannon McGinnis

•Khnoella Iglus (3) singing “Impossible” a cappella

•Peyton Sandore (4) and Sienna Hasseler (4) playing “Hot Cross  Buns” on flute

•Julianna House (5) dancing to “Cheap Thrills”

•Naomi Rivera-Romero (5) singing “Sunflower.”

•Jade Stoner (5) Serinity Quinn (3), Melaniyah Rose-Howard (3), Fallon Stoffel (3) and Gabby Baker (5) performing tumbling

•Kendra Webber (4) singing “The Middle”

•Olivia Demer (5), Raina George (5) and Alicia Perry (5) dancing to “Dance, You Say”

•Heidi Wunder (4) singing “Cup Song”

•Dezmond Ortiz (4) dancing to “Roar.”

•Kailey Trumble (3) doing a Karate demonstration with her instructor Sensei Josh Arnold

•Sadie Miller (4), Sienna Hasseler (4), Karina Natale (4) and Brianna Bulman (4) doing a cheerleading routine.

At the end of the show, Miller thanked everyone that helped “make the show a success.”

And Hamelinck tweeted, “Across the course of a year, there are many moments that an elementary principal is proud.  TONIGHT I was brought to tears & smiles several times as these students showed tenacity, courage and PURE JOY during their talent show.  From stage crew to MCs to the performer . . . WELL DONE!”