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Children dash for candy, prizes at Easter egg hunt in Cayuga County town of Cato

Cameron Blaylock stared at the bag of candy he collected at the community Easter egg hunt in Cato with saucer-like eyes Saturday, as if he had just struck gold.

“I have gum!,” he exclaimed in victory as he did a dance and stuck his tongue out.

Cameron and his sisters, Gracie and Brooklyn, were three of scores of children who had rocketed across the Cato-Meridian High School football field for the event. Hundreds of eggs across the color spectrum had been scattered throughout the field. Shouts of “move, move!” and “There’s one right there!” could be heard as some children needed adult help gathering the plastic treasures while other adults were simply trying to keep up with their youngsters.

Some eggs contained candy while others had numbers written on the sides that would allow children to receive prizes. Silver eggs earned children a board game for their group, while those who snatched golden eggs got an Easter basket chocked with prizes. Within minutes, every inch of the field had been picked clean of the small bulbs.

After the dust cleared and the junior hunters began tallying their loot, Hudson Maloney, 4, wasted no time unwrapping some candy. He was there with his mother and father, Kim and Andy, and siblings, Camden, Westin and Londyn. Kim talked about why she wanted her family to come out to the event.

“It’s good for the kids, it’s a beautiful day,” she said.

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