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New York Mets radio blackout a ‘middle finger’ to CNY fans, CEO says

The New York Mets will be trying to grow their brand in the Syracuse area this season without the strategy of flooding radio broadcasts of their games across the airwaves of Central New York.

The Mets and their radio partner, Entercom Communications, have apparently shut down their network across New York state for 2019. The only network that will air radio broadcasts is the team’s flagship station, WCBS, out of New York City.

Ed Levine, president and CEO of Galaxy Communications, confirmed the Mets’ departure in Syracuse and the Central New York area. The New York Mets own the Syracuse franchise and are entering their first season its major league affiliate.

Galaxy’s ESPN Radio has carried New York Mets games in Syracuse the past few seasons. Levine said he had a deal with Entercom to extend that partnership for the next two seasons.

Levine said he recently received an email from an Entercom official explaining that the company would not be purchasing the satellite time required to distribute the Mets games throughout the state. Levine said he wrote back and expressed his opinion that the cutback was "embarrassing.''

Levine said he has not heard back and has moved on. ESPN Radio will fill the time with other ESPN programming, including some other major league games. Levine said ESPN Radio made little money on Mets games, adding that local station TK-99 pulls in "100-times'' the revenue for Yankees broadcasts.
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