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The life of a champion had obstacles before getting on the top

Who is Kelvin Owens?

A Canadian born fighter who locked up throughout the ring with a balance amount of charm and dangerous motives to prove himself and became an outspoken wrestler, Kelvin Owens proved himself as being eligible to carry out his dream to rule the ring.

He is the acclaimed one and praised by the Rock he possessed he was described as a “hell of arsenal” by WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Owen is one who earned several honors not only from North America but from Abroad too.

His Early Life

In his early 14 years, he became a self- determining grappler around the world. He travels through the paths fasten the trumpets with the guys who were already the travelers of the journey of becoming WWE superstars, including Sami Zayn (his best friend), Daniel Bryan, Adrian Neville, and Seth Rollins.

He joined his fellow warriors and appeared in his NXT TakeOver: R Evolution in the same year in 2014 after getting success and recognition as one of the biggest competitors in the ring around the world. Only after a few months, he detained the NXT Championship by defeating his best friend, Sami Zayn.

Owens callousness was on his back to get him to the main roster. In his first match, he cleared the point to target the biggest and nasty guys in the yard by defeating John Cena in the ring.

He fought from everyone from Zayn to Jeri-KO and turned every one as his enemy from Chris Jericho to Shane McMahon, surprising the universe, by getting United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship alongside the path.

The Hurdle

In SmackDown LIVE, he became a keystone, but General Manager Daniel Bryan fired him along with his best friend Sami Zayn on the 20th March 2018 episode which causes to cut short his run on the blue brand.

Now, he is also becoming a center of the frightful wrestling news, a site posting news about wrestling and wrestlers. A 2018 letter and a Superstar shake-up from Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon welcomed back Owens and Zayn as a part of Monday Night Raw, making a stunning turn of events.

Injuries and Surgeries:

We all know how crucial the fights are, in the ring. The fights often cause severe scars on the life of a wrestler the injuries that got by KO in October 2018 was not supposed as crucial, and the hope was he would be disabled only for few months, but that was not the case.

Kelvin Owens got the severe damage on his knee that he the person breaking bones in the ring need surgery for his injuries. The Universal Champion got damaged his both knees badly that surgical treatment became a must.

The severity of the injuries was point out by double-surgery of orthopedic injury news, and it also causes a push back from the ring and could be costly for the career to, as said by on Wrestling Observer Radio by Dave Meltzer.

Dave Meltzer informed that his injuries in his knees are worse, but they were hoping to see him in sometime in the middle of February and March. He did not have any full-blown reconstructive surgery on any of his knees, but they were serious. Specifically, his left knee was much damaged.

He is returning

WWE has aired a promo of “returning soon” vignette for own, but he does not mention it. Maybe he took some time or more to appear in the ring but already a part of news like frightful wrestling news.

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