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Seven properties may go to Finger Lakes Regional Land Bank

Seven blighted, abandoned, tax-delinquent properties in Seneca County may soon be owned by the Finger Lakes Regional Land Bank Corporation for a mere $1.

The Board of Supervisors Ways & Means Committee voted 5-0 Tuesday to withhold the seven properties from the upcoming tax foreclosure sale and transfer them to the county-sponsored land bank for rehabilitation or removal for redevelopment.

That motion now goes to the full board for a vote April 9.

The properties include four parcels on Route 89 in Varick and one in Seneca Falls, Romulus and Ovid.

“One parcel has a house that burned in 2014. Another is a parking space, another has an old garage on it and the fourth has a seasonal cottage. Our plan is to tear down the fire-damaged house, clear the properties and sell them as a package to pay for the demolition. They are all near each other,” said Joe McGrath, executive director of the land bank. “We’re not sure about the properties in Seneca Falls, Romulus and Ovid. All three have abandoned houses and we have to determine whether to rehabilitate and resell or demolish and resell.”

In addition, the committee approved a request from the Interlaken Village Board to remove a parcel at 8392 Main St. in downtown Interlaken from the 2019 tax foreclosure list and sell it to the village for $975.31, the amount of unpaid 2019 taxes. There is a total of $11,398.72 in unpaid taxes and penalties on the property going back several years. The village wants to acquire it and donate it to the village-owned Interlaken Library for parking expansion.

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