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What is the Difference between Thesis and Dissertation?

If you’re undergoing a degree program at the university, there is a tendency that you have come across these terms. These can be confusing concepts for the average student. Nevertheless, you will meet along the final path to the completion of your studies. It is not surprising that many students that cannot engage in thesis writing opt for professional thesis help. This is not a bad idea, but it is important to find out the difference between the two concepts. It will be of benefit because you will not buy a plot to develop the content of the write-up.

Writing Thesis vs. Dissertation

The core purpose of these research formats is to determine how conversant the student is with the subject-matter. They can be confusing to the average student who is yet to complete his Masters or Ph.D. program. We’ll take a look at the similarities between the two. This is to find out what makes them look like the same.

The first thing to note here is that seeking thesis help is very common among students who are in the last lap of their Masters or Ph.D. education. From the perspective of the American educational system, a thesis is a scholarly written document that covers a particular topic. The aim is to determine the student’s comprehension of the topic, and find out if he is really worthy of the Master’s degree. On the other hand, the American Educational System regards the dissertation as a doctoral thesis. This means that you will cover a larger scope (topic) under this category before qualifying for a Ph.D.

For the UK educational system, a dissertation is for students that enrolled for the Master’s degree program. On the other hand, a Ph.D. thesis is for students that are about to complete the doctoral degree (Ph.D.) program.

The above are varying opinions from the two (2) major educational systems in the world. Nevertheless, it goes to highlight the similarities between the two. The major factor they share is the purpose. Here are some similarities you will notice when contrasting the two:

  • They are interchangeable. You could see this from the notions held by the US and UK educational systems
  • They are similar because they are tasks students must complete before the end of their Master’s or Ph.D. programs/degrees

Note that these tasks can come individually or for a group. Whichever be the cases, some students solicit professional thesis help to complete the project(s) in good time.

Difference between Ph.D. Thesis and Dissertation

These two projects have some features that make them vary from each other. It is important to understand these before writing. Below are the major differences between the two:

Differences in Degrees

The first thing you will notice is the areas of use. Even though the US and UK educational systems have contrary opinions, the status quo remains. It states that a thesis is a scholarly document you write towards the completion of a Master’s degree program. On its part, the dissertation is for students that are about to complete their doctoral/Ph.D. studies.

The Scope is Different

It may interest you to note that the area of coverage also differs. The expectation is that students writing a thesis will cover a smaller study in a given topic. Dissertation meaning entails that students will cover voluminous studies in the given subject-matter.

The Purpose Matters

Take a pause and reflect on this! Have you ever imagined what becomes of the write-ups after submission? Remember that a student’s write-up can run into many pages of paper. Multiply this by hundreds of students that will hand-in theirs. It will be a joke on you to think that the professors pay much attention to the attractive designs and acknowledgments in the text.

No! They’re looking for the idea. The purpose is to evaluate each student’s comprehension of the given topic. When writing, the examiners expect you to conduct the research from scratch and arrive at a conclusion. You have to look at a field that no one researched earlier. Develop a hypothesis and come up with a conclusion to either substantiate or disprove the hypothesis.

For a dissertation, all you have to do is making additions to a published work. Nevertheless, there is a need to formulate a proposition for the given work. This will help in arriving at a conclusion on the existing work.


  1. These concepts mean different things to different people. The main idea is that you will write a thesis towards the end of your Master’s degree. A dissertation is a doctoral thesis that is feasible at the end of a Ph.D. degree.
  2. The thesis covers a small scope while a dissertation cover a larger scope/area of study
  3. You make researches from the start when writing a thesis. Additions to an existing thesis are the perceptions of a dissertation

Dissect the Thesis

Writing a thesis/dissertation requires a great deal of effort. Be prepared to do congruent researches that will validate or discard the generated hypothesis. Above all, they are interchangeable, which makes one take the place of the other.

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