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Sodus Point residents remain divided over village hall proposals

A plan to change the future of the waterfront in Sodus Point includes a proposal to build a new village hall.

The proposed site for the new building is on the bait shop property on Greig Street downtown. A small building adjacent to the vacant shop and part of the main building would have to come down for a new building to go up. The bait shop building would be turned into commercial space and sold to a developer.

Joe Pitti, who lives on the loop in Sodus Point and owns a boat, supports the new building if the waterfront is improved.

“We don’t have a lot going on in the community especially in the wintertime, so any improvements to the area would be beneficial,” Pitti said.

The vision for a new village hall along the water includes a boardwalk along the Lake Ontario shoreline, public docks and 24-hour access to restrooms.

Supporters believe public docks would bring in more money and people.

“I talk to people all the time,” said lifelong resident Jamie Abel. “They said they'd like to come to Sodus Bay and Sodus Point, but they don't know where to park their boats. We don’t have any public docs. I think if we could have 12 slips out here for the rest of the world to come out here and enjoy, I think it would be a plus. I am all for that.”

Pitti agreed with Abel.

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