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Cayuga County Legislators debate level of involvement in EMO

Amid efforts to maintain services at the Cayuga County Emergency Management Office following several staffing shakeups, county legislators Wednesday debated the level of involvement they should have in the office's day-to-day operations.

The office has been without full-time staff since two department leaders resigned in January and the third was placed on administrative leave in February. The state of the office, particularly how it relates to the county's fire departments, has been the subject of numerous public and staff-level meetings.

At Wednesday's meeting of the Legislature's Judicial and Public Safety committee, Legislators Timothy Lattimore, R-Auburn and Charlie Ripley, R-Sempronius, asked for County Administrator J. Justin Woods to involve the committee Chair Chris Petrus, R-Brutus, in meetings regarding the EMO.

"I want to make sure the chairman's involved in all the meetings that are going on and everybody's informed, all the committee members," Lattimore said.

Woods said he has kept Petrus, as well as the Legislature and the oversight committee involved and informed on issues regarding the EMO, especially when they relate to public-facing meetings, and that the meetings Petrus hadn't attended were regarding more basic operations.

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