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Supervisor calls for action against Ontario County Landfill

Geneva City Supervisor Lou Guard is calling for a change at the Ontario County Landfill, after a series of violations and local complaints due to ongoing odor issues.

The supervisor wrote in a post to Facebook followers that he’s calling on other county officials, as well as landfill management to address the smell being created at the site.

“Like all of you I have been dealing with the stench of this thing in Geneva. Last night it even went through our HVAC system and blew odor into the bedroom where my pregnant wife was sleeping and I was reading,” Guard said in the post. “At our last Board meeting I asked Casella’s representative if they would no longer accept “sludge” or biosolids (the stuff that really stinks) until they have cured their notice of violation from the DEC. They dodged the question.”

He’s calling on Ontario County to act on the following items:

– Insist that Casella accept only household waste until the facility is in compliance with applicable laws and capable of holding other waste;

– Demand Casella reimburse Ontario County for expenses incurred in hiring their own independent consultant;

– Affirm closure for 2028, and stand by that date over the next several years; and

– Consider legislation that would require them to operate odor free, or make it illegal to produce odors of the current magnitude.

Dozens of Facebook users from around the Geneva and Ontario County area voiced their support of the measures Guard outlined in the post, and called for further action across the region.