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Police waited weeks to report Wayne Central grad missing in New York City

A Wayne County family is struggling to search for answers or clues in the disappearance of their loved one.


Thirty-one-year-old James Johnston, who resides in New York City, was last seen Jan. 29 at his Brooklyn apartment in Williamsburg.

News10NBC spoke to the man’s mother, Nancy Johnston, who shared her story in hopes that it would help spread the word.

“It’s hard not knowing. This is not anything he’s ever done before,” said the mom. “He’s an incredible young man and I want him back.”

Johnston talked to her son earlier that day following a car crash he was involved in that resulted in his car’s airbags deploying. After the car was towed, his roommates confirmed James made it home.

“He got there, he was talking to his roommates and all went to bed,” explained the mom. “When they woke up the next day, he was gone.”

Since Johnston is an adult, police didn’t push out missing person alerts for weeks, according to the mom. She also says the NYPD will finally be pinging his phone sometime this week to see where a last possible location could be.

According to the mom, investigators say there is no security footage in or around the man’s apartment.

The mom believes her son could have suffered a head injury in the crash, leaving him disoriented.

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