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Syracuse man faces computer stalking charge in Cayuga County

A Syracuse man facing charges for allegedly posting private photos of a woman on social media will have a court hearing to examine statements he made to police.

Ryan Fox, 20, hacked into into a young woman’s Snapchat account and then posted photos of her, Chief Assistant District Attorney Chris Valdina said in Cayuga County Court Thursday.

Fox allegedly tried to blackmail the woman into a relationship, Valdina said. Fox allegedly told the woman he would post photos unless she went out with him. When she didn’t go out with him, he posted the photos, Valdina said.

Fox, of 513 E. Hiawatha Blvd., was arraigned Dec. 20 on charges of computer trespassing, a class E felony, and two misdemeanors — second-degree coercion and third-degree stalking.

Fox’s defense attorney, Timothy Fennell, said he was having a difficult time communicating with the DA’s office and no plea offer or resolution has been made. Fennell said he wanted more information, such as how the police investigation identified comments sent to Fox’s computer.

The court scheduled a pretrial conference for Fox on April 8, and a Huntley hearing for May 2. The hearing will determine if Fox’s statements made to police were voluntarily and can be used as evidence in a trial.

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