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Authorities warn about Social Security scams

Authorities have spent years warning people about scam artists posing as IRS agents.

Now, criminals are pretending to be officers from another government agency: The Social Security Administration. Scammers call victims and claim to be from the agency. They then say your identity has been stolen and they need to confirm who you are by asking for your Social Security number or asking you to transfer money from a bank account.

The scammer says the money will be returned after the victim’s identity is verified, but that never happens.

“Of course the Social Security Administration is never going to call you and ask for your social security number, they already know it,” said Katherine Hutt, Better Business Bureau. “The number one thing is, never give out information to people who have contacted you.”

In the vast majority of cases, the scam artists are never found and the victim’s money is never recovered. Experts say the best advice is to just hang up.

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