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Sheriff Spike gives update on 2002 homicide involving 16-month-old child

Yates Sheriff Ron Spike has issued a statement following media inquiries regarding the investigation into a 2002 homicide – involving a 16-month-old in Dundee.

The child’s mother, Kelly L. Axtell, who was 24-years-old at the time, found Ethan M. Eslick, the 16-month-old, deceased at a home in Dundee, according to Spike.

Spike says Ronald McGuire Sr., 28, who also lived at the residence in Dundee – as well as 3-year-old Jordan Eslick, sibling to Ethan – were both residents at the home.

The Sheriff reports that McGuire and Axtell were dating at the time. Axtell has since married, according to the Sheriff, who says her married name is Anderson.

The child’s body was sent to the Monroe County Medical Examiners Office after the incident on August 29th, 2002; and ruled in 2003 a homicide by asphyxiation.

Spike says the criminal investigation was extensive, but no arrests were made, and the matter turned into an open cold case.

In late-2018 new leads were developed and the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division enlisted the resources of the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and continued the investigation.

Criminalistics and forensic science has developed over the past 16 years and the Yates County District Attorney’s office application for the court order February 19th is another step in this criminal investigation.

“Resources devoted to this case especially by the State Police have been exceptional, and we thank them for the collaboration,” said Sheriff Spike in a statement.