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Auburn police urge people to lock vehicles after several entered without permission

Footprints in the snow led the Auburn Police Department to discover that someone entered several vehicles in a city neighborhood Monday morning.

Around 5 a.m., APD patrol officers noticed footprints going up to vehicles in the area of Walnut Street, Howard Street, Sheridan Street and Sherman Street, police said. Several vehicles were also discovered with doors open. When people enter automobiles through a door in an attempt to steal something, APD said, they typically don’t close or slam them shut as to not make a noise that might alert someone.

Since all the vehicles were entered through doors, police said, none were reported damaged.

As of about 11 a.m. only one person called the police department to report someone had entered and riffled through their vehicle, APD said. So far, there have not been any reports of stolen items but police said reports may come in throughout the day as people might notice items missing. If loose change was taken, police said people may not even bother to report it.

Even if no one were to report stolen items, police said they would still investigate the case so they could have an awareness of whom is the suspect. Unlike many other states, in the state of New York there is no charge for simply entering or trespassing in someone else’s car, APD said. If the suspect were found, charges would depend upon the circumstance.

If a case could be put together proving the suspect intended to steal something, they could be charged with attempted petit larceny, for example, APD said. If the suspect were found with items they stole from the cars, they would likely face charges for possession of stolen property.

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