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Auburn company takes city to court over denied project

An Auburn business is legally challenging the city’s denial of a variance request to construct a pole barn on a vacant lot.

In October, when Bouley Enterprises Inc. requested the variance from the Auburn Zoning Board of Appeals to erect the barn at 20 Canoga St., the board rejected the request for multiple reasons.

Meeting minutes say board members were concerned about an increase of traffic, the barn not fitting in with the rest of the residentially zoned neighborhood and the possibility of the business expanding in the future if a variance was granted.

Additionally, the ZBA denied the request because of a positive declaration under a State Environmental Quality Review, meaning preparation for environmental impact would be needed if the barn were to be built.

Bouley was seeking the variance because it has a purchase offer on the property from Edward J. Rizzo, who would build the pole barn to use for the landscaping and masonry equipment storage. Bouley, which has owned the site since 2006, said it has tried unsuccessfully to market the property for residential use.

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