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Change in Cato Town Clerk’s hours may go to referendum

A proposed change to the business hours for the Cato Town Clerk was postponed Tuesday night after the town board decided to explore the possibility of putting the changes on the ballot.

Originally, the board was considering a local law changing the hours for Town Clerk Jody Snyder to include three or four hours on Saturdays in order for residents using the municipal transfer station to take care of other town business while there, Town Supervisor Charles Ray said.

The law would effectively take three hours out of the clerk’s Monday availability, which is currently from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and add them on Saturdays instead.

While a legal notice for the change published in The Citizen — and a copy of an email provided by Snyder from the town attorney dictating the text of the notice — said the law would also change the clerk’s location, Ray said Tuesday that was not the case.

During a public hearing on the law, numerous town residents expressed support for Snyder and opposition to the change, including a petition provided by Dorothy Korthas with 133 signatures.

The Auburn Citizen:
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