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How to sell via mobile application

The mobile application is a great tool for almost every company. of course, there are some conditions that should be met; you cannot expect people to install applications from a company that makes paper cups. This is business to business sales and in this case, it will not work. However, in case your business tends to sell directly to its customers, it makes sense to order a mobile app.

The mobile application takes the company’s product or service immediately in front of the potential client’s face because today people use mobile phone much more often than a PC or a laptop. Unless they have to do some work or watch a movie full screen, they do not even turn those on. The smartphone is used all day long; more people in the world have a smartphone than a toothbrush. So, if you want your business to boost sales, Google software companies near me and order an app.

It must not be super complicated at the very beginning, so do not freak out. But make sure the design is modern and intuitive. Today, no person installs an app with an ugly design and stone age style interface. The most important aspect to consider is what your application can do for the user. Do you sell services? Give some of them for free to app user. Do you sell products? Think of a way to provide some free of charge value to the people who download your software. The application itself can be a paid product, so offer a 30-days free trial.

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You definitely want to give something away for free, because the competition is huge, and people will not pay their earned money in advance until they actually see they can get a value. Tons of companies compete for the right to get in front of the user’s face via his smartphone, and people do not download things easily today. They are concerned about their security, private data, they are pissed off getting loads of ads when they go online, and do not want to be sold anything aggressively. They want to buy, not to be sold things.

How To Sell?

But you as a company still want to do some sales, right? If you manage to provide enough value free of charge, your conversion rate will grow like crazy. Do not worry if you find out people delete your app. It means they are not your target audience, and even if you continued to promote your products to them, they just would not buy. It makes no sense to waste resources on people who are not likely to buy. Yet, you can get insights even from those people, by registering the event after which they delete the software. This will tell you how to avoid more deletes.

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When you make sure your app is not deleted and used, you can start carefully promote your paid things. The chance of sales is higher when people do use what you create. Even when people use your software for free for years, you can send them questionnaires, check how often they use it, when is the peak of using, etc. You will be collecting data and gaining insights to enhance the software for the clients that are actually ready to buy.

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