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Cayuga County farm using research to improve production

There are plenty of challenges facing agriculture, but Todd DuMond of DuMond Farms in the town of Fleming is hoping to find solutions to some of those problems.

DuMond Farms may be best known in the Cayuga County area as a major grower and processor of soybeans, and in recent years, DuMond has been working on a major expansion plan for the processing business.

But DuMond, who has master’s and bachelor’s degrees in engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is also diving into the science of growing crops.

DuMond launched a nonprofit organization, the Advanced Ag Alliance, that aims to provide precision agriculture research to farmers in the Northeast. One of the goals of the nonprofit is to close a gap in research available, especially with the variability of soil in New York and the rest of the region.

What DuMond has found is that a lot of the precision agriculture is done in the Midwest, where there is generally less variability in the soils. That’s not typically not the case for farms in the Northeast. DuMond Farms, for example, has 13 different soil types.

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