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Several gun control measures to go before lawmakers

State lawmakers this week will consider at least a half dozen new gun control measures, including a bill that would ban teachers from carrying a firearm on campuses.

The bills come six years after the passage of the SAFE Act, a package of gun control measures approved in the wake of an elementary school shooting in Connecticut.

The legislation is easily the most sweeping collection of gun control measures since the SAFE Act’s 2013 approval.

The bills also include the so-called “red flag” legislation that would restrict those deemed a danger to themselves or others from possessing a gun. Another bill would establish a waiting period of up to 30 days for a background check. Lawmakers also want new restricts on gun storage as well as a ban on selling or possessing bump stocks.

Lawmakers also want the State Police to administer a statewide municipal gun buyback program.

“I am happy to announce that on Monday the Codes committee, which I chair, will take up critical criminal justice bills,” said Assemblyman Joe Lentol, a Democrat from Brooklyn. “The committee will engage in thoughtful discussion with an eye towards passing progressive policies that have long been stalled by the Senate. We have an opportunity to right the wrongs.”

Democrats have large majorities in both the state Senate and Assembly, enabling the passage of long-sought legislation for liberals and progressives in the last month.

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