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Auburn Community Development Block Grant program meets deadline with ease

Last year, the city of Auburn's Community Development Block Grant plan missed its deadline. This year, the plan will be wrapped and ready well before its Feb. 1 due date.

The CDBG plan — which is designed to directly impact low to moderate income residents and neighborhoods — made its deadline Jan. 18, 2019. With the deadline met, the program becomes eligible to receive funds through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Since 1994, CDBG funds have been applied throughout Auburn to rehabilitate housing, demolish abandoned structures, improve sidewalks and enhance public parks.

Blocks, or regions of Auburn, that have higher amounts of low to moderate income residents were established using the 2010 American Community Survey data. These blocks mark where CDBG funding may be allocated.

Despite the blocks, projects funded by CDBG are also largely determined by community input.

The Auburn Citizen:
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