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Auburn city manager gets pay increase

The Auburn City Council unanimously voted Thursday to raise its city manager’s salary after completing a month-long evaluation.

Jeff Dygert, who took on the role as Auburn’s city manager in 2016, will see a 2.8-percent salary increase after the council determined his past year of managing the city was satisfactory.

The amount of raise, according to Dygert’s contract, is based off the country’s annual cost of living adjustment. Every year, Social Security and supplemental security income benefits are adjusted by that year’s cost of living to keep pace with inflation.

In 2017, the cost of living increased by 2 percent, and in 2016, when Dygert began his post, it increased by 0.3 percent. If the cost of living increases by 0.5 percent or less, according to Dygert’s contract, he can receive a 0.5-percent pay increase.

“We have very talented and professional staff, but even the best staff needs leadership,” said Councilor James Giannettino at Thursday’s council meeting. “Mr. Dygert, you provide that leadership. You were exceptional again this year and I appreciate all of your effort.”

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