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Study finds many medical marijuana users driving high

The state legislature is expected to consider legalizing recreational marijuana for adults this year, but an alarming new study suggests many medical marijuana users have driven under the influence.

Researchers at the University of Michigan surveyed nearly 800 medical marijuana users and found that more than half reported driving with two hours of using the drug. More than twenty-percent of those patients reported that they were “very high” when they were behind the wheel.

The study was done before voters in Michigan approved the use of recreational marijuana in the state this past November. The law allows any Michigan resident over the age of 21 to use marijuana inside a private residence. It just went into effect last month.

Experts say a driver’s reaction time may be impacted if they are under the influence of marijuana.

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo vowed to push state lawmakers to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults while outlining his plans for his third term during a speech last month.

WSTM-TV – Syracuse:
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