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Shipley gets another term as Chair of Seneca County Board of Supervisors (video)

The Seneca County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday for the first time in 2019 – and at that session – named Supervisor Bob Shipley (R-Waterloo) to chairman.

“I am honored for the opportunity to lead this Board forward as Chairman for the next Legislative year,” Shipley said after the vote. There were no challenges to his candidacy to lead the Board for another year.

In 2018, Shipley was named Chairman, succeeding former Supervisor Gary Westfall, who did not seek re-election in that year’s election. Shipley had previously served as chairman earlier in his career on the board.

Looking forward, the at-large supervisor from Waterloo said that collaboration would be incredibly important in the next legislative year. “It is essential for any group to be functional,” he explained. “We must embrace our diversity and work together to find mutually beneficial solutions for Seneca County’s businesses, residents and visitors.”

He cited three areas that would be focal points of his legislative platform over the next year. Those areas included the workforce, future development through municipal projects, and the County’s rights in New York State.


“We must continue to lead the way in attracting and retaining the best and brightest Seneca County Workforce,” Shipley added, regarding the County’s ‘training image’, which was a focus during last year’s legislative session. “This Board has continued to invest in greater compensation and advancement to improve our hometown talent.”

Among developments and future investment that he said would be a focal area includes completion of the Route 318 Sewer Project, creating a Water and Sewer Authority, and other items. He called the creation of a ‘Water and Sewer Authority’ long overdue, citing that it will assist with development in the southern end of the county.

He applauded the ‘steadfast resolve’ of previous Boards regarding the Cayuga Indian Nation Land Claim and Land Trust issues. “We must continue to vigorously defend the rights of our taxpayers and maintain a proactive approach towards the Federal Government in demanding a just resolution of this matter.”

Shipley said his confidence was high that the right people were on-board to make these priorities a reality in 2019. “I am confident that we have the right group of people to make Seneca County a great place to live, work and visit,” the newly-elected Chairman said during his evening remarks.


He, along with the rest of the Board, thanked outgoing County Attorney Frank Fisher, who served the County for 35 years, and served as County Attorney since 2008.