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Auburn community voices feedback on DRI project proposals

Written on a poster board in the Booker T. Washington Community Center were the words “need some improvement.” This was how one Auburn community member described the city in three words.

The Auburn Citizen

On Tuesday, the public was once again welcomed to participate in a Downtown Revitalization Initiative workshop to discuss potential projects that could revamp the downtown area.

Attendees were encouraged to answer questions like “what do you think Auburn’s greatest asset is?” and “how would you describe Auburn in one word?”

Many members of Auburn’s Local Planning Committee, who are tasked with sending the state officials a recommended list of projects, attended the workshop to hear public feedback on the 29 proposals requesting funding from the $10 million awarded by the state.

In order to be considered, a project proposal must be placed within the DRI boundaries established by the LPC. Because many projects were adjacent to the original boundaries, the LPC redefined the downtown area to include their consideration.

“It’s intentionally a pretty small, concentrated area,” said Kimberly Baptiste, a city consultant from the planning firm Bergmann Associates.

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